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Specialized in realizing innovative small satellite missions. Through our unique and proven full vertical integration approach that combines design, development, production, testing, launch service and satellite operations into one organization, we are able to offer the right solutions, from subsystems to full mission and constellation building.

By implementing the latest technology 5G and beyond, the combination of terrestrial and celestial routes ensures that every line across the region is able to be connected at high speed, because everyone has the right to be able to connect with each other without being left behind. The satellite constellation network is the key in connecting various important points that are difficult to reach by land communication routes.

Our Values

Purpose is to make a rapid and lasting difference to the people of South East Asia and the Pacific by providing high-quality, low-cost satellite broadband accessible from a small, easyto-install and affordable receiver. Network connectivity enables critical government services to reach the heart of vulnerable rural communities.

Prime 5G Network

Digital Transformation Acceleration Form

"UU Cipta Kerja Provides A Legal Basis, Especially With Regard To Active And Passive Infrastructure Sharing And Also frequency Sharing That Will Support The Application of 5G Technology In The Field," President RI Explained."

The deployment of the inaugural 5G network is the fruit of the work of the Government and the telecommunications operator ecosystem as well as a form of accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia.

The Minister of Communications and Information, Johnny G. Plate, stated that the government will continue to focus on continuing to distribute 4G network services evenly in Indonesia.

"In accordance with the direction of Mr. President Joko Widodo regarding the Acceleration of National Digital Transformation. Simultaneously, 5G networks will be developed in commercial areas as well as other priority areas, to complement each other with the existing 4G networks," he explained in a Press Conference on the Comments of Mobile Network Implementation.

5G Cell Phones Based on IMT-2020 (International Mobile Telecommunications-2020) Technology in the 2300 MHz Frequency Band in Indonesia from the Media Center of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Jakarta, Monday (24/05/2021)

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is a term commonly used for the level of development of the technology industry in the world. For this fourth level, the world is focused on digital technologies. In general, Industry 4.0 describes the growing trend towards automation and data exchange in technology and processes in the manufacturing industry. These trends include the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IioT), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Factory, Cloud Computing Systems, and so on. Even in the Industrial Internet of Things Design, this industrial level creates a manufacturing system where the machines in the factory are equipped with wireless connectivity and sensors to monitor and visualize the entire production process. Even autonomous decision-making can also be done directly by these machines


"Supporting Indonesia's transformation into a developed country through the development and utilization of broadband as a meta-infrastructure". "Especially in realizing innovative small satellite missions. Through a unique and proven effective vertical integration approach with terrestrial lines that combine


"Especially in realizing innovative small satellite missions. Through a unique and proven effective vertical integration approach with terrestrial lines that combines design, development, production, testing, launch services and satellite operations into one organization, we can offer the right solution, from subsystems to full mission."

Banishing Digital Darkness

We are committed to using proven space technologies to solve the endemic lack of affordable broadband internet in remote and underserved regions and locations of the world. Satellite connectivity drives economic growth, provides infrastructure freedom to communities and improves people’s lives. Whether in urban, extra-urban, rural or fringe and remote areas, we help businesses, governments and communities fully participate in the digital world.

A Catalyst For Change

To really make a difference, AIN looks beyond the limits of today’s practices, reacts quickly and adapts flexibly. We learn from successful technologies around the world and combine that with our innovative business model to find new ways of doing much more with much less – without compromising quality. And we invest in powerful satellites, focusing on broadband and broadband alone, so that customers don’t have to invest on the ground.

Accessible and Affordable

We understand the challenges that most ISPs, telecommunication operators, enterprises and governments in South East Asia and the Pacific region face in delivering connectivity to rural and extra-urban areas. Some may want to give up on these areas or see them as an unprofitable burden. We see them as a primary target market, because we understand the formidable untapped opportunity of connecting their economies sustainably and profitably. We want to share that vision with telecommunication operators and governments to let them reap the attractive rewards of social and commercial inclusion of these areas.

Strong Partnerships

We believe true connectivity is the result of genuine, durable partnerships. We consult, advise, and work with our local partners to develop solutions that address emerging opportunities and provide increasingly more valuable services to their customers